• Ever since the first humans have climbed down from the trees and experimented with sticks and stones, we have always tried to come up with methods and systems that would improve our lives. Of course, times have changed significantly from the times of our ancestors, but the general idea remained the same – continually look […]

  • Many scientific and manufacturing processes that are still in use are in fact quite dangerous for the human health. However, we sometimes do not realize this fact immediately, or we are “forced” to stick with the methodology since we do not have a better and safer solution. When it comes to PET production, these problems […]

  • Every once and a while, the scientists and engineers come up with a new method of doing things. In other words, they create products and systems that improve the quality of our lives, and these small revolutions are what drags us along the path of evolution. Even small steps are important as long as they […]

What we do

Our goal at clairdenature.com is to offer the best service and the best products to our clients, and that is why we have developed a game-changing methodology when it comes to using infusion in technology. In other words, we use a colorant for polymers, and this process can change the color of the PET materials on a molecular level.


The process of creating polymers that offer superior quality and impressive performance is finally here, and we at www.clairdenature.com are proud to offer this revolutionary methodology to our customers. Check out our website to learn more about the infusion technology that we use, and which services we can provide to your or your company.


Here are some of our services:



The process of infusion is conducted in an aqueous solvent, and this creates UV barrier. Since the polymer is infused with a polycarbonate, the molecules of the colorant are fixed within the matrix of the PET material.
Color change

Color change

If you require a change of coloration for your thermoplastic bottles or other materials, we are at your disposal. Our superior technology will quickly and efficiently produce the desired results.
UV shielding

UV shielding

Since many of our clients are worried about the harmful UV rays, we offer an effective way to protect your lenses. Our infusion technology will create a resistant and stable material, which will not turn yellow under the UV radiation.

What do people say about us

After using clairdenature.com services I can honestly say that they offer the best service and the best products, and that is why I will use their game-changing methodology again. 

Rachel @ Elite Forex

I recognize the quality and efforts they made, and will use their services again when needed. They were more than capable of handling the task at hand. They are true professionals.

Nicholas – Amazon Marketing Consultant



If you are in need of our services, make sure to contact our friendly staff, and we will surely get back to you. Our phone numbers are listed on the site, but you can also send us an email.